Signum Non Fungible Token

The introduction of digital technology in recent years has brought with it a real social revolution, modifying habits, changing processes, and, in many cases, simplifying the everyday life of the human being.

In a world that has undergone such radical and epochal changes, the concepts of trust, transparency, and certainty have acquired specific importance. In particular, when we deal with particular topics, such as collecting, these values become fundamental: the concept is enhanced more if we talk about wine, such as Signum Ætnæ, destined in our opinion to become an unparalleled piece of any true art collection.

Having a real digital wine passport is the goal that Firriato set when the first bottle of Signum Ætnæ was bottled: this is why we thought to generate, on request, S-NFT (Signum NFT) for each bottle, digital content that certifies ownership, certifies traceability and grants exclusive privileges.

But what is an NFT?

NFT is the acronym for Non-Fungible Token, an English word that indicates a unique digital certificate that determines the authenticity of an asset, a work of art, or a digital element and certifies ownership. The uniqueness of an NFT is its registration on the Blockchain, an indelible and encrypted recording that contains identifying data and metadata.

An NFT can only have one owner at a time; the collector will decide if and when to sell it in relation to the trend of its value over time. It is like having a sort of digital copy of a bottle of Signum whose value is linked to the wine itself: it is a concept that once again testifies, on the one hand, to the potential of Signum and, on the other, a look at the future that opens new horizons for digital collectors. Thanks to the purchase of the S-NFT (Signum-NFT), the collector will have access to various services with high added value.

The refilling and re-corking

Although Firriato chooses bottle stoppers of the highest quality, intended to last over time, the latter, being made of cork, a living material in all respects, may lose tightness and elasticity over time depending on its cellular structure and no longer adhere perfectly to the neck of the glass bottle. This can cause light evapotranspiration, with the consequent lowering of the level of the wine in the bottle; it is, therefore, necessary to bring the wine back to the optimal level if necessary and eventually replace the cork. The refilling and replacement of the cork are therefore essential operations to ensure correct and optimal aging of the Signum and maintain the integrity of the glass bottle, an essential element for the conduct of operations. The first re-filling or re-corking operation can be carried out 15 years after purchase and is free of charge (full contract regulation).

the artwork: the year of the dinosaur

With the purchase of S-NFT, there will also be an exclusive digital artwork, commonly called artwork, starring the erupting volcano Etna. Signum 2015 is characterized by the representation in an artistic-digital key of the dinosaur, a choice linked to the concept of antiquity and rarity but also, and above all, to the impact that dinosaurs have in today’s collective imagination: a choice once again anchored to the thin thread that binds past and future, tradition and modernity.As the dinosaur has left its mark on the world, the Signum is destined to remain forever in time, just like the fossils, extreme witnesses of the past.

The professional expertise

Every self-respecting collector’s item is entitled to a professional appraisal by industry experts. The owner of Signum and S-NFT can request Firriato to carry out the expert report on his sample and receive a certification document of the expertise, the validity of the bottle, and the inherent value at that time. This operation is very important to monitor the value of the bottle of Signum over time, both in the event of its sale and to be sure that it is in perfect condition.


The term blockchain identifies a set of technologies that are based on a chain of blocks and are able to manage in a decentralized way (through a network of computer-defined nodes) accounting operations, such as transactions, to ensure traceability. In essence, writing on the blockchain – in our case, Polygon – indelibly certifies the right of ownership of the bottle itself, associated with the collector and the identifying codes of the bottle. Registration within a blockchain, therefore, ensures traceability, transparency/verifiability, and immutability and ensures the absence of future manipulation.


The son of a small vineyard that survived phylloxera at the time, and after three years of aging in large wooden tonneaux and at least 18 months in bottles, Signum expresses every year a limited quantity of bottles (the 2015 vintage consists of only 2438 bottles). Each new vintage is a gift that the pre-phylloxera vineyard allows us to have priority for the presentation of new productions, and the right of preemption for the purchase of new bottles is an exclusive advantage that only the collector can take advantage of.

The compensation

your tree as a concrete gesture

The owner of S-NFT will become an integral part of a major sustainability project initiated by Firriato in recent years. Firriato has decided to measure its environmental footprint in order to evaluate its sustainability performance and nullify its impact on the planet. Through the use of innovative machinery, the reduction of waste, and the adoption of sustainable practices at all levels of the supply chain, the company has been able to monitor data and achieve extraordinary results, becoming the first certified zero-impact winery in Italy and among the first in the world. This is also thanks to important compensation practices that Firriato has implemented by encouraging the reforestation of rainforests in Madagascar. The collector will then become the exclusive owner of a tree in Madagascar that Firriato has planted in order to maintain the zero-impact status and achieve Carbon Neutrality.

The collector with S-NFT will therefore have all the necessary elements to jealously guard the Signum and be sure to possess what we can consider a real work of art: the complete traceability of the entire existence of the bottle, the certainty of its authenticity, the certificate of digital ownership, the possibility to verify its value over time, as well as a unique product for its historical and organoleptic characteristics.

Include in your collection the Signum and the S-NFT, which means getting hold of a unique bottle from grapes produced in centuries-old vineyards and guaranteed by an innovative system of certification and anti-counterfeiting at very high safety standards.