Each bottle is protected by the Polygon blockchain technology: a real wine work of art, with a limited edition and a unique traceability system in the current wine scene.


Each bottle is protected by the Polygon blockchain technology: a real wine work of art, with a limited edition and a unique traceability system in the current wine scene.
Signum Ætnæ is predestined. The seal of the volcano, the favourite son of mountain viticulture, the precious gift of a vineyard that survived the fearsome phylloxera, the witness of a millenary activity that has withstood time and intense eruptive activities, arrived to us thanks to the tireless work of hundreds of heroes, bearers of ancient knowledge, and strenuous defenders of a rich anthropological and cultural heritage.

Signum Ætnæ has centuries-old roots, but looks to the future.

Signum Ætnæ is a red wine produced from Nerello Mascalese grapes, a native vine typical of the Etna area, and from other relic varieties.

The vineyard from which Signum Ætnæ comes is made up of ungrafted plants with an average age of over 150 years, attested and documented by dendrochronological analysis by the University of Palermo.
This means that these are “sacred” plants that have resisted the attack of phylloxera, the aphid that devastated European viticulture at the end of the 19th century.

In the Verzella district, on the northern slope of Etna, the most important active volcano in Europe, Firriato discovered and safeguarded the vineyard from which the Signum comes, which for this reason we consider a rare and precious treasure.

Each bottle of Signum Ætnæ is a precious gem, an inevitable presence in a collection of wine works of art, a rare piece with a limited, registered and attested edition and with a traceability system that we can consider unique in the current panorama of the wine world.

The survivor of the phylloxera

Among the Cavanera Etnea estate’s vineyards, there is a rare and precious treasure: a pre-phylloxera vineyard. There are long-lived, centenarian plants, creatures that are full of history which time has forged and brought to us

Etna Signum Ætnæ Reserve consists of these more than 100-year-old plants, which are the pride of the Etnean production of Firriato, that vinifies the grapes of Nerello Mascalese, an endemic cépage of the Etna zone, and other relic varieties in about 2 hectares of vines on ungrafted foot, a pre-phylloxera parcel, whose plants were planted before the arrival of the aphid on Etna in the early twentieth century.

This precious Etna Riserva comes from vineyards, bred according to the traditional Etnean bush system at 650 meters on the north-eastern side of the volcano, dating back to the second half of the 1800s, with plants of an average age of over 150 years certified by the University of Palermo, which testifies to the centuries-old vine culture on the most active volcano in Europe. Signum Aetnae is one of the greatest expressions of European viticulture’s uniqueness, the witness of time and the guardian of history and culture.  



Each bottle of Signum is a real work of art in wine, with limited  edition and a unique traceability system in the current wine scene.

When you buy a bottle, you are adding a treasure to your collection of fine art wines. But the outstanding features of Signum do not stop at its excellent quality. Each bottle is protected by Polygon blockchain technology.

This means that the path of each bottle is certified and guaranteed. Signum is a real gem to collect and taste. Discover all his secrets.

Scan the QR code on the back

On the back of your bottle there is a QR code to scan.


Enter the code and verify the authenticity of your bottle.


Insert all your personal data, the code of your bottle and join the exclusive Signum Club.

Enjoy exclusive benefits reserved for you.

You can choose to purchase NFT for even more exclusive content.

Join the Signum Club


The registration of your Signum bottle represents the digital ownership certificate, which allows you to access a world of privileges reserved for a lucky few enthusiasts. Hidden under a “scratch” paint you will find a unique code that allows you to have an actual authentication of this specific bottle of Signum.

Just remove the paint, use the code on the site to register the bottle and become the official owner. By registering the bottle, you can join a small circle of collectors and ensure the traceability of the history of the Signum for the enthusiasts in the future. 

Unique digital certificate

Signum NFT

NFT is the acronym for Non-Fungible Token, an English word that indicates a unique digital certificate that determines the authenticity of an asset, a work of art, or a digital element and certifies ownership. The uniqueness of an NFT is its registration on the Blockchain, an indelible and encrypted recording that contains identifying data and metadata. An NFT can only have one owner at a time; the collector will decide if and when to sell it in relation to the trend of its value over time.

It is like having a sort of digital copy of a bottle of Signum whose value is linked to the wine itself: it is a concept that once again testifies, on the one hand, to the potential of Signum and, on the other, a look to the future that opens new horizons for digital collectors. Thanks to the purchase of the S-NFT (Signum-NFT), the collector will have access to various services with high added value.